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Kushs Kingdom 18+ Survival 1.16.2
Owner Kush's Kingdom
Status online
IP survival.kushskingdom.com
Website https://www.kushskingdom.com
Players 1/20
Version 1.15.2
Rank 5
Votes 414
Uptime 81.4%
Last Check 2 minute(s) ago
Country United Kingdom
Types SurvivalVanillaRoleplayEconomy

We launched our survival server late December 2019 and currently run the latest addition of the Minecraft Snapshot with a few datapacks for quality of life.

– AFK Display
– Multiplayer Sleep
– More Mob Heads
– Player Head Drops
– Customizable Armour Stands
– Dragon Drops Elytra
– Double Shulker Shells
– Coral Crafting

– View distance of 12.
– AFK Mob farms are tolerated.
– Redstone driven farms are fine providing they don’t cause any lag.
– Optifine and/or minimap is fine to use.

Here are a few RULES you should respect when you play on Kush’s Kingdom Servers. Please make sure you follow them.

1. No Lag Machines (Deliberate overuse of server resources is not tolerated as it ruins the server for other players.)
2. No Use of Exploits or Duping (Exploits and duplication glitches are not intended vanilla features, and break the game for legitimate players.)
3. No Use of Hacked Clients or X-Ray (Use of hacked clients, ghost clients or x-ray texture packs is not vanilla and will be punished.)
4. Behave and act mature (No one likes trolls or toxic players. Behave or be banned!)

The Survival Server is a Whitelsited Server and only open to members aged 18 and over. If you would like to join please click Apply.

IP: survival.kushskingdom.com