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The LihP Network
Owner LihP
Status online
IP pvp.lihp.us
Website https://www.lihp.us
Players 5/123
Version 1.15
Rank 32
Votes 56
Uptime 99.5%
Last Check 2 day(s) ago
Country France
Types PvPRoleplayMini GamesCreative

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The PVP Game mode Dwarves VS Zombies (DVZ) involves Two Teams, the Dwarves and the Zombies. The Dwarves must defend their Three Shrines and prevent the Monsters from conquering them, the game ends when the Monsters conquer the Final Shrine or the last Dwarf falls. The Zombies are assisted by many Monster classes each with unique abilities and disguises.

If you join at the start of a game you will become a Dwarf and your job is to prepare for the Zombie invasion. Dwarves can do this in a number of different ways and the most common way is to build defenses. As you place blocks according to the rules you will obtain rewards, these items will help you defend yourself and the shrines.

Dwarves can become special classes by either completing a task or killing event bosses.

Alchemist - Requires VIP (vote or buy) The role of a Alchemist is to buff his fellow Dwarves and give them advantages in battle.
Blacksmith - Requires VIP (vote or buy) The Blacksmith is very important for close combat, he can sharpen the Dwarves swords.
Lumberjack - Dwarven Bows are strong, but if you let a Lumberjack tighten the string and your Bow will hit harder!
Tailor - The Armor given to Dwarves is good, but why not improve your chances and get a Tailor to reinforce your Armor.
Dragon Warrior - The Dwarf who kills the Dragon will be able to use the Dragons powers in battle.
Wither Warrior - The Dwarf who kills the Wither will be able to upgrade all their items and others.