Minecraft Server List

This is one of the best Minecraft Server List you'll find in 2020 ! List Minecraft Server shows you some of the most popular Minecraft Servers to play on online. Whether you are looking for Survival, Creative or anything in between, you'll find what you want here !

You can easily choose among the current Top Minecraft Servers. Browse through the different Types and Versions of the game, or simply search for a specific server. On the first page you’ll have access to the most popular MC Servers of 2020. With more than 200 awesome servers, you'll definitely find the Minecraft Server that suits you best !

Finding cool Minecraft servers is sometimes complicated, our goal is to help you in your search. Once you've found the right server, you just have to Copy the IP address and Paste it into your Minecraft Multiplayer mode.

All Minecraft servers are special, that's what makes the game so unique. You can find awesome Minecraft Servers hidden in the depths of our classification. You'll find many Survival Servers, SkyBlock Servers and PvP Servers on our list because they are the most requested by players. The ranking is based on the number of votes received by each server during the month, but you can change this setting by clicking on "Filters". You will find minecraft servers to join whatever your preferences.

We ping the servers each 5 minutes, providing us the status, the number of players, as well as the up time to ensure that the servers we offer are always operational and ready to join! We delete them automatically if they are offline for more than 2 weeks.

You can Add your Minecraft Server and promote it for free. You will have access to a dedicated page as well as statistics like the number of votes or the number of players connected over the days. The more votes you have, the more players you will attract into your Minecraft Server. Encourage your players to vote for you by rewarding them with Votifier.

You can also buy a Sponsored spot to get more players and increase the notoriety of your Minecraft Server.

The first of every month the votes are reset to be fair with newcomers.

Note that you must wait 6 hours before voting again.

Minecraft Hardcore Servers

Here you can find the Minecraft Hardcore Server list. In Minecraft Hardcore Servers you only have one life. When you die, you will be temporarily banned.

Rank Name Server Players Status
1 VexalMC | Network


All our servers are 1.16.1 Currently we have Survival, Hardcore Survival, Underwater Skyblock-like, and Creative servers. We will be releasing a SkyBlock server in September as well as an OP Prisons

6/100 online
2 Poly Network


Bienvenido a PolyNetwork

0/100 online
3 Crimson Ingot


Crimson Ingot is a role-play and pvp server set in Templehelm, a high-fantasy setting wounded by centuries of war. Become a part of our ongoing story which you, the player, drive onward!

0/100 online
4 Exteiram


Exteiram is a casual totalitarian minecraft server with no administrative interference, in a free for all, no rules pvp environment, with little modification to the vanilla experience.

1/420 online
5 Lostshard


IP: play.lostshard.club Version: 1.15.2 Releases: June 6th, 2PM EST, 2020 NONPAY2WIN, SURVIVAL, PVP Discord: https://discord.gg/Fed27Q Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE0EW5M4FXWo79aiJ3TDfhQ

0/50 online


Enjoy a custom, Unique Minecraft server that aims to keep you interested by bringing you new content and custom events weekly. Play SURVIVAL like you've never played before. Rank up to the top rank

0/50 online
7 Necrolyde's Skyblock

0/50 online
8 NecroticMC


NecroticMC is an 1.15.2 Anarchy Server with loads of cool things such as Ranks, Crates and Kits We also have a website and a shop through which you can buy EPIC ranks for cheap prices

0/2000 online
9 Articraft X


Articraft X - Ultimate Minecraft! articraft.ddns.net

0/0 offline
10 ClansAU


ClansAU is an amazing high-end Australian PvP Dedicated Minecraft Server that runs 100% custom plugins. The Clans game mode is similar to Factions but with a twist, it still has raiding and the usual

0/0 offline